Metrocaster- New York Stratocaster



  • The Metrocaster, Now available for pre-order !
    Keep in mind this is a pre-order item and will require 5-7 months completion time.

We are proud to present the Metrocaster, a guitar inspired by the graffiti covered subway and streets of 1970s New York City . This instrument embodies the hard edged New York ethos.

A handmade custom Strat with a Daphne Blue over Sunburst Two Tone relic finish and a genuine 1970s license plate pickguard  and New York graffiti themed collage embedded into the finish on the neck and body. Genuine alder solid body and maple neck with jumbo frets ,smoothed to perfection. With your choice of pickups in a 5 way switch configuration,
0.47 orange drop capacitor. 250k pots.This guitar has one of the sweetest configurations, simple but versatile, capable of replicating that strat tone unique to Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson etc.

Every detail has been attended to on The Metrocaster. The floating bridge has been set up for perfect intonation and a two pivot system (or hardtail upon request). Bridge is a vintage style Strat bridge. Vintage style locking tuners have been customized to match the California theme. All cavities have been lined with copper tape to minimize strat hum.The bone nut is handmade to play cleanly with the neck. The metal hardware and pickup covers have been aged to perfection for that slightly worn used look. The body has also been uniquely for a two tone look. It has 3 real bottle caps as the tone and volume knobs. .

The Metrocaster can be customized to the specifications of each individual customer. If you have original designs in mind, contact us and we can work these out,

Contact our shop if you would like to discuss further details about the Metrocaster, or would like to commission your own Gepettos Guild custom guitar

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION- Once you order a Metrocaster from Gepettos Guild, you will receive a thank you-letter in the mail to the address provided. This letter will also include a custom Gepettos Guild decal. The letter serves as a promissory note that construction has begun on your pre-order guitar and will be completed and shipped to the address provided within the stated time-frame. For all intents and purposes, you are essentially purchasing this promissory note when you buy from this listing. The tracking on this letter will be used in the event of chargeback fraud or paypal claims stating “item not received” ect. Keep in mind that once construction on any pre-order guitar begins, no refunds can be provided to the buyer. 

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